Measuring Audio Latency

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If you have thoughts or recommendations regarding measuring audio latency, I’d love to hear from you!

Before measuring audio latency you should have a good understanding of how it is related to audio/video synchronization and lip sync error. Make sure to give Acceptable Audio Latency and Lip Sync Error a read first.

HDMI Audio Latency

The Wii U Method

Author’s Note: The accuracy of the Wii U method of measuring audio latency appears promising but has not yet been verified using electronics engineering equipment. I am currently working towards verifying this method using an HDMI protocol analyzer or logic analyzer. If this is something you might have some insight on, I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Optical S/PDIF Audio Latency

The Cmedia CM108B Method

Bluetooth Audio Latency

Author’s Note: I am currently developing a method of measuring relative audio latency of Bluetooth devices when connected to a Windows PC.

Home Theatre Receivers

Audio Latency and Home Theatre Receivers

Last updated on October 8th, 2021.