Measuring Audio Latency

Before measuring audio latency you should have a good understanding of how it is related to audio/video synchronization and lip sync error. More information can be found on the Acceptable Audio Latency and Lip Sync Error page.

Reporting audio latency: For displays with built-in speakers, such as TVs, favour reporting both lip sync error and video latency to users instead of reporting audio latency. For sink devices without displays, such as sound bars or AV receivers, report audio latency to enable the user to select devices with matching audio and video latency.


Measuring HDMI Audio Latency

AV Toolkit

Recommended Method
✅ Support for HDMI to ARC, eARC, or S/PDIF Latency

Measuring S/PDIF Audio Latency

AV Toolkit

Recommended Method

Alternative Methods

🚧 A detailed review and instructions for an alternative measurement method using the Murideo Seven Generator will be added sometime in the next few months. 🚧

Last updated on May 21st, 2022.