How to Measure Lip Sync Error

There are two approaches to measuring lip sync error (also known as AV sync error):

The “AV sync error” term is preferred when reporting to consumers because it avoids confusion with lip sync performance. See Measurement Examples and Acceptable Audio Latency and Lip Sync Error for more information on lip sync error.

Measuring Lip Sync Error of Sink Device(s)

Lip Sync Error Calculator

Recommended Method for Sink Device(s)

Murideo Seven Generator

Murideo 8K Seven Generator. Image taken from the Murideo product page:

⚠️ Inaccurate by -17 to +3 ms, depending on video refresh rate.
⚠️ For accurate lip sync error calculation: follow video latency and audio latency measurement instructions and then use the Lip Sync Error Calculator.

Measuring Lip Sync Error of a Full AV Setup (Source, Transport, and Sink)

Harkwood Sync-One2

Image of Sync-One2 Copyright © 2022 Harkwood Services Ltd. Image taken from Sync-One2 website

Recommended Method for a Full AV Setup (Source, Transport, and Sink)

Last updated on July 14th, 2022.