Calculating AV Sync Error

One way to determine the AV sync error (or AV sync error) of a device or AV system is to first measure its audio latency and video latency and then calculate the AV sync error based on these measurements.

Audio and video latency can vary based on audio/video signal format and sink device settings, so it is important to keep these identical when measuring audio latency and then video latency. For example, it would be incorrect to calculate AV sync error of a TV by measuring it’s “game mode” video latency and “movie mode” audio latency.

AV Sync Error Calculator

AV sync error can be calculated by subtracting audio latency from video latency.

AV Sync Error: (Please enter latency values)

Audio that leads video is more noticeable than video that leads audio! Visit Acceptable Audio Latency and AV Sync Error for more details.

Last updated on March 6th, 2023.