Leo Bodnar Video Signal Lag Tester

Measuring HDMI Video Latency

This page describes how to measure HDMI video latency with a Leo Bodnar video signal lag tester.

⚠️ The Leo Boardnar Lag Testers are designed to report a display’s input lag when measuring at the center of the screen. Follow these steps to measure video latency instead:


  1. Record the reported lag value at the center of the middle white block.
  2. Use the following table to calculate the video latency based on the value recorded in step 1:
Refresh RateCalculation
24 Hzsubtract 20.0 ms from middle measurement
25 Hzsubtract 19.2 ms from middle measurement
30 Hzsubtract 16.4 ms from middle measurement
50 Hzsubtract 9.6 ms from middle measurement
60 Hzsubtract 8.0 ms from middle measurement

If you’re using the 4K tester, you can also update the firmware to the latest version provided by Leo Bodnar.

Last updated on July 14th, 2022.